The Louisiana Municipal Gas Authority (LMGA) is a political subdivision created by the State Legislature in 1987. Funding for the LMGA’s activities is derived solely from fees paid by its’ members’ who control its’ activities.

Within the State of Louisiana, approximately 94 public entities own and operate a gas distribution system. The LMGA currently provides total natural gas management services to 72 of these.

LMGA Calendar

6/20/2023LMGA Executive Committee MeetingBaton Rouge23LMGAEX3
6/20/2023LMGA Board of Directors MeetingBaton Rouge23LMGA2
8/23/2023LMGA Executive Committee MeetingBaton Rouge23LMGAEX4
10/18/2023LMGA Executive Committee MeetingBaton Rouge23LMGAEX5
12/5/2023LMGA Executive Committee MeetingBaton Rouge23LMGAEX6
12/5/2023LMGA Board of Directors MeetingBaton Rouge23LMGA3